LT’s success is dependent on its and its members’ compliance with the laws of the jurisdictions to which they are subject and to regulations of the financial institutions in which they conduct business. Failure of a member to comply with the laws and regulations to which they are subject is grounds for termination of membership. For questions regarding compliance requirements, contact

Key Points

•    LT is a registered corporation and maintains good standing status in the USA, and other jurisdictions as required by law.
•    LT operates electronic International financial transactions for its members.
•    LT does not share confidential banking, credit or debit card information unless a fraud is suspected or if subpoenaed by the proper authorities.
•    LT is not a bank
•    LT does not pay interest on your credit balance
•    LT is audited regularly by the international audit firm.
•    LT maintains PCI DSS level 1 Compliance
•    LT maintains  Cisco, CCNA & CCNP Certifications
•    LT is maintains Tenable io Certification using bank strength firewall hardware
•    LT is Tenable io Hack Certified with no penetration achievable