LT uses a variety of hardware and software technologies including internal risk and mitigation policies to protect your personal and confidential information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

As part of the LockTrust Community, your privacy and security always come first. We are committed to your safety and protection. LT uses state of the art technology with a variety of end to end audit trails to identify patterns of misuse.
LT holds the highest level of compliance , We are PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant, we have the ability to tokenize full credit or debit card information with dual token boxes for added security, we do not rely on the issuer or the bank,, unless there is a breach or failed transaction on loading funds which is recorded in a separate fraud investigation file for further review. This information is not used anywhere and shared only with the card issuer for verification if required depending on the nature of the transaction status and parameters that has created the attention on the card. LT may involve the authorities dependent on the severity of the breach and fraud being committed.

LT cannot divulge any further information on its security which would otherwise compromise the layers upon layers of security implemented throughout the system.
NOTE: Never share your Account or login, username, password and PIN details with anyone. If you believe you have compromised your account, you can change this information in the profile area on the dashboard, change your password, and PIN immediately. If you continue to have concerns please contact our investigations department at