The LT Framework™ (LTCF) is designed to handle multiple currencies; multi-currency functionality is built into every product that LT offers.
Creating additional currency accounts takes only seconds and is linked to your LTA™ with one unique IBAN number.

All transactions between LTA™ are From/To the same currency. LT does not levy any foreign currency conversion fees or set exchange rates. You will be subject to the rates and fees set by the financial intermediaries you use when moving money From/To your LTA™ if you load or unload in a different currency from your account.

Should you opt for a LT International Card you can use it to access each currency account dependent on the currency applied by the issuing bank.

The default currency of all LTA™ is US Dollars. However, this doesn’t limit you from loading and withdrawing funds in other currencies that we currently offer. Available currencies are listed in pull-down options in the LT forms when you are logged in.