Lock Trust’s core banking system is a module-based driven engine that helps us to provide customization for each and every client really fast. 

At Lock Trust, we make sure that customer services are top-notch and customers get all information at their fingertips via mobile apps… 

LT Core banking Modules Include

  • Virtual Terminal for taking Mail and Telephone on the move. You can opt to use it or deactivate complete control of the system for the Admin.
  • Batch Upload for the days you are loaded with mail and telephone orders.
  • Invoice Management – send an invoice to your customer and have them pay directly through our hosted page, which provides complete peace of mind to your customer for not sharing their card information over the phone or email.
  • A statement that provides you with detail not only for each batch but for each transaction, which makes accounting easy.
  • Archive your transaction month-wise for easy access later.
  • User management allows merchants to create separate logins for each staff in the office.
  • API allows every website or app merchant to take payments.
  • Mobile app for taking payments anywhere, any time, and keeping an eye on your business.


LT Payment Gateway or LTPG is a custom-developed Product also available as a White Label Solution. It’s a Trunk Key Operation for anyone who would like to have a PSP (Payment Services Provider), with unmatched features connecting to any bank, PSP, or other gateways, we have made sure we keep Security our top priority, and security is a PCI DSS LEVEL 1 Complaint.