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  • Adding money to wallet easily using your credit card, ACH (bank account USA only) or wire in Internationally
  • Send Money to other wallet, to your or other’s Bank Account ,Facebook friends using LT wallet, email address , other wallets
  • Invoice Management allows users to send invoices, so their clients pay them direct to their wallet like a traditional merchant account
  • Currency Conversion allows users to buy and sell different currency also store them in wallet and sell them later to make profits
  • Calendar which holds all your Important dates like bill due dates , rent payment , birthday anniversary store the date once and let the transfer happen once , every month , every year you set it once and we do it for you every time
  • Prepaid Card allows user to load them and use them like traditional debit cards
  • Bill Payment for service you use add them once and pay every month with just once click
  • Travel Booking for all your travel need at discounted price
  • Apply Merchant

LT Wallet

LT wallet allows user to manage their money in better way with complete accounting at one place you can have 10 or even 100 bank accounts linked to wallet and make payments using wallet even data enter your cash transaction and see monthly overview where your hard earn money is going.