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Genmega G1900 Series ATM Machine

 Genmega G1900 Series ATM Machine
CDU800 Note Fixed Cassette (TCDU)
1,000 Note Removable Cassette (SCDU)
1,700 Note Removable Cassette (MCDU)
1,700 Note Removable Cassette (HCDU)
Two 1,700 Note Removable Cassettes (THCDU)
Four 1,700 Note Removable Cassettes (FHCDU)
Shell-No Dispenser
LockDial Lock
Electronic Lock
Cencon Lock
TopperIntegrated Topper
Low Topper
Mini High Bright Topper
Card Reader
LCD8″ Wide Color LCD
10.2″ Color Touch LCD

The Genmega G1900 Series ATM Machine is designed and engineered to be the most cost-effective addition to your retail space available. This innovative machine features 8 highly- customizable ad screens, a reinforced vault, EMV card reader upgrade, and flashing security LEDs providing you with a secure and lucrative investment.


8″ 32-bit Color High Resolution LCD (Touch Screen Upgrade Optional)
Win CE
Dual-Head Swipe Card Reader (EMV Upgrade Optional)
Dial Lock (Electronic, Cencon Upgrade Optional)
Integrated Topper (High Topper upgrade Available)
Voice Guided Transactions
One Roll of Paper
12 Month Warranty