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Hantle 1700W Series

Hantle 1700W Series
CDU800 Note Fixed Cassette (TCDU)
1,000 Note Removable Cassette (SCDU)
1,700 Note Removable Cassette (MCDU)
1,700 Note Removable Cassette (HCDU)
Two 1,700 Note Removable Cassettes (THCDU)
Four 1,700 Note Removable Cassettes (FHCDU)
Shell-No Dispenser
LockDial Lock
Electronic Lock
Cencon Lock
Topper Integrated Topper
Low Topper
Mini High Bright Topper
Card ReaderDip-Style Card Reader
EMV Card Reader

The Hantle 1700W Retail ATM represents best-in-class performance, uncompromising value, and a confidence-inspiring design. The 1700W integrates high-end features including a 7″ High Resoution LCD, EMV Card Reader option, and TCP/IP communication with SSL.


7″ Wide Color Screen
Win CE
Dial Lock
Dip-Style Card Reader (EMV Upgrade Optional)
Integrated Topper (Topper Upgrades Optional)
12 Month Warranty
Voice Guided Transactions
One Roll of Paper

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